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Professional Foundation Underpinning: Protecting the Sunshine State from Sinkholes

As geology expert Sandy Nettles says, “There’s hardly a place in Florida that’s immune to sinkholes.” This comment comes after yet another hole opened up in Seffner, the Hillsborough, Florida neighborhood where a man was swallowed up by a sinkhole earlier this year. As shared by Daily Mail reporter Lydia Warren, this incident further proves that whenever you see the warning signs of a sinkhole opening up, you shouldn’t hesitate to call in an expert who can provide the necessary foundation underpinning services to save your home.

Predicting sinkhole formation is rather difficult, and often not possible. In fact, there is usually hardly any surface evidence at all to go by, especially with various types of strata. In Florida, sinkholes could appear when you least expect them to; and for Jeff Bush, who was in bed when his home was swallowed by the gaping hole underneath, this unexpected event had a fatal outcome.


Keeping Track of Florida Sinkhole Repair Jobs

Florida’s affair with sinkholes is just as tumultuous as that of its occasional struggles with hurricanes. Three hurricanes that hit central Florida in 2004 resulted in a massive sinkhole that cut a thoroughfare just outside Deltona. A man in Seffner was never found after his entire room fell into a 20-foot-wide hole a few months ago, resulting in the house being torn down and nearby homes evacuated as well. Such incidents demand a fast response from Florida sinkhole repair specialists such as the Foundation Services of Central Florida Inc.

Public Advised to be Judicious in Choosing Florida Grouting Services

Grout has a wide array of applications, mainly in construction, due to its ability to fill gaps and make a foundation or structure more patent. Grout has also proven to be an effective deterrent to sinkholes, which are always a matter of grave concern in Florida, as its geological features provide the ideal conditions for these problems. If not executed correctly, however, grouting can be as much of a problem as the sinkholes it aims to prevent. Eric Glasser of 10News reports that the sinkhole fix to a 76-year-old woman’s home “did more harm than good.”

Many sinkhole remediation experts believe that grouting is the most effective method of preventing an impending sinkhole area from hollowing out and giving way. By injecting a grout compound to fill in the underground cavities, the substrate can be prevented from caving in, especially in wet weather. Using grouting in Florida home foundations is usually the response to potential sinkhole cases all over the state, given that a great

Sinkhole Incidents a Call to Action for Florida Foundation Repair

The sudden appearance of a hundred-foot-deep sinkhole in a Guatemala city street in 2010 alerted the whole world to the danger of these perilous pits. This small country in the Caribbean isn’t the only sinkhole-prone place in the world. Tampa Bay Times’ Caitlin Johnston reports that the danger of sinkholes is present much closer to home, with several communities in central Florida possibly sitting on top of a future hole.

In general, a sinkhole refers to a sizable hole or depression on the Earth’s surface, or even on the ocean floor. While sinkholes occur naturally, geologists believe that they can also be caused by human activity and poor urban planning. In February, a 36-year-old man fell to his death when a 20-foot-deep sinkhole open up beneath his home in Seffner. Getting Florida foundation repair in such cases can mean the difference between life and death, but it must come the moment the earliest signs manifest.